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Jan 9, 2018   Statement Execution and the Plan Cache

(DBA Fundamentals group)

  Kimberly Tripp
Jan 17, 2018   I'm It -- Survival Techniques for the Lone DBA   Monica Rathbun
Jan 23, 2018   Not So Secret: Get to Know SQL Server Agent
(DBA Fundamentals Group)
  Jess Borland
Jan 23, 2018   Introduction to the Azure Machine Learning Workbench
(Cloud Virtual Group)
  Ginger Grant
Jan 25, 2018   Azure SQL Database Performance Tuning
(Cloud Virtual Group)
  Jes Borland
Feb 6, 2018   Migrating to In-Memory OLTP
(DBA Fundamentals group)
  Erin Stellato
Feb 21, 2018   Deadlock, Block & Two Smoking Barrels: Breaking Down Blocking and Deadlocks
  Amy Herold
Mar 14, 2018   Optimizing Stored Procedures
(Data Architecture group)
  Kimberly Tripp
Mar 21, 2018   Are You Optimistic About Concurrency?   Kalen Delaney
Mar 27, 2018   Make your Presentations Tell a Story   Heather Ritchie
Apr 10, 2018   DevOps 101 and the Database   Stephanie Herr
Apr 19, 2018   Is the Cloud Cost Effective?
(Cloud virtual group)
  Steph Locke
May 1, 2018   Index Design Patterns for Beginners
(DBA Fundamentals group)
  Kendra Little
Oct 16, 2018   SQL Server 2016 Features to Make DBA Lives Easier 
(DBA Fundamentals group)
  Padma Achanta


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