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SQL Saturdays are free, one-day training events for SQL Server professionals. Many of these events include a session or discussion on a topic related to Women in Technology. Check out the calendar below for information on upcoming WIT activities at a SQLSaturday near you.

Want to organize a WIT event at your local SQLSaturday but don't know where to start? Download our WIT Session Kit for session abstracts and outlines you can use. For questions or help organizing your event, contact our Regional Activities coordinators by sending an email to WITvc@sqlpass.org.

Event  Location  Date  Session Title  Presenter
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 How to Build Your Disaster Recovery Plan
Rie Irish
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 Azure Machine Learning 101
Kathi Kellenberger
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 Performance Tuning for Salary Negotiations
Je'Anna Lanza-Abbott
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 Beginners SQL Server Security the Low Hanging

Lindsay Clark
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 HiHo! HiHo! SQL Server on Linux, We Go!
Janis Griffin
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 Hi, my name is Powershell, let's be friends! An
Intro to PoSH

Amy Herold
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 AI to the Masses! But How? Pixie Dust?
Hope Foley
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 Making Your List and Checking It Twice:
Introduction to unit testing with tSQL

Elizabeth Noble
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 SQL Server Take Over:  Establishing a Baseline
Lowry Kozlowski
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 Biml for Beginners: Speed Up Your SSIS

Cathrine Wilhelmsen
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 Why NULL is not a value (and other SQL

Wendy Pastrick
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 Query Store Primer
Tracy Boggiano
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 Becoming the MVP: Soft Skills for the Hard

Angela Tidwell
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 Why am I able to master several technology
languages but I struggle in my own business

 Karen Nelson
SQL Saturday #698 Nashville 1-13-2018 DevOps for the DBA
Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
SQL Saturday #702 Malaysia 1-13-2018 Let's make a complex data set simple using
Azure Cosmos DB

Hansamali Gamage
SQL Saturday #679
Vienna 1-18-2018 Advanced Analytics with Power BI and R Leila Etaati
SQL Saturday #679 Vienna 1-19-2018 Power BI Server - On Premises
Frank Geisler
Sandra Geisler
SQL Saturday #679 Vienna 1-19-2018 Azure Analysis Services - An important step
for BI in the cloud?

Gabi Munster
SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2-3-2018 What is Power BI?
Angela Henry
SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2-3-2018 H*ckin Sweet Reports with Power BI
Julie Smith
SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2-3-2018 Intro to Integration Services (SSIS)
Angela Henry
SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2-3-2018 Essential Linux for the SQL Server DBA
Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2-3-2018 Query Store and Automatic Tuning in SQL
Server 2017 and Azure SQL DB

Erin Stellato
SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2-3-2018 Navigating the Options for Data Redundancy
Wendy Pastrick
SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2-3-2018 Parameters in SQL Server - Query Performance
Makers or Breakers

Mindy Curnutt
SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2-3-2018 PaaS Your BISM: Intro to Azure Analysis Services
Hope Foley
SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2-3-2018 You're Stuck with Crappy Hardware, Now What?
Monica Rathbun
SQL Saturday #708 Cleveland 2-3-2018 Tips on Managing Lots of SQL Servers
Tracy Boggiano
SQL Saturday #695 Guatemala 2-3-2018 Introducción a Reporting Services 2017
Yanitza Campos
SQL Saturday #695 Guatemala 2-3-2018 La era de los Reportes Móviles
Yanitza Campos



Baton Rouge
Amy Herold

Janis Griffin
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